At ESC, we aim to initiate support, and direct efforts to create and sustain community relationships. We rebuild strength and prosperity where it hasn't been, or damaged, or lost. We work with those thirsty for equality, those who are underprivileged, and those who desire for a connection within our city.

Our focus is to provide people with the necessary resources needed for passages towards personal success; by understanding social justice and enhancing cross-cultural competency and community inclusiveness.

We firmly believe it takes a village to build a community, and if you work on creating the most well-equipped society you can, so many problems simply work themselves out.

Where there are people in need, we’ll be there lending a hand, a smile, and an encouraging word.

Non-Profit in Sioux Falls focusing on Self-Efficacy Cultural Competency and Social change. We value exposure and look to bridge gaps in the community



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Empowering & Educating our Community; Making Sioux Falls Great for All! 


Creating a healthy and engaging environment to educate the community on social justice issues.

To Give Platforms of Empowerment

Education & leadership

“If you teach a man to fish...” Education gives everyone the tools they need to succeed through their lives.

Our Mission:



Meaningful partnerships that are intentional and built to produce social change and provide a future that is possible.

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To do great work in non-profit organizations you need tools. While blood, sweat and tears have built communities,you still need people to do it.

Establishing Sustainable Connections